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hemp plant

Natures solution for natures problem


Used for thousands of years and one of the planets most important crops, hemp was banned in the USA in 1937 with the Marihuana Tax Act. All the power and benefits of this crop were lost, but now, after one hundred years in the wilderness hemp is once again becoming King of Crops. 


What is hemp?

Industrial hemp is one of the planets fastest growing crops and can change planet and people.

co2 remove.png

Breathes CO2

All plants remove CO2, but hemp does it like no other. It is 4X better than trees for example. This is natures technology and all we need to do is harness the potential.


Hemp Products

Hemp can replace oil in most plastics and can be made into thousands of products


Farming Co-Benefits

Hemp can regenerate land and communities as the perfect low maintenance crop

Hemp field.png
Hemp vs Cannabis

Whilst they come from the same family, the plants are very different. Marijuana, or cannabis, is a small plant, usually grown indoors, usually for medial or recreational purposes from it's psychoactive effects.

Hemp is a tall pant, grown outdoors in almost any conditions, and has no psychoactive effects but has thousands of uses and benefits within products  

Hemp Carbon Impact
Carbon removal engineering

We need to remove huge quantities of carbon and nature has given us the perfect solution. Hemp can absorb 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare - 4 times more than trees.
Plus, hemp takes months, not years, so it is one of the fastest CO2-to-biomass conversion tools available. [1]

one tonne of co2.png

This is what 1 tonne of CO2 looks like

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Hemp products
Hemp helps farmers
Image by Roberto Valdivia
Hemp helps farmers
  • Hemp replenishes soil with nutrients as it grows and decomposes

  • Hemp's fast growth and ability to smother weeds make it an ideal crop for sustainable farming rotations.

  • Hemp doesn't require pesticides or herbicides to grow

  • Hemp's strong roots prevent soil erosion and have even restored damaged soil in some cases

  • Hemp naturally irrigates itself

  • Hemp can absorb and eliminate harmful toxins through phytoremediation, and has been used in the aftermath of nuclear disasters

  • Hemp plants provide a habitat for wildlife and are a good source of pollen for bees

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