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The Technology

Pyrolosis can be conducted using a variety of methods, from simple pits dug in a field, to multi million dollar plants that consume huge biomass quantities and generate biochar at a rapid rate. We have chosen the Kontiki Kiln. One kiln can capture  It is a perfect fit!

How it works

Our national franchised network of local biochar production facilities, fully trained, tightly controlled, and regularly monitored to meet the highest production standards delivers without huge corporate overheads.  We're building a market with consistent supply based on known biochar quantity and quality.



 The science is irrefutable – drastic and urgent greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reductions are needed to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Experts estimate a need for 200-1,000 GtCO2e of CDR throughout the century, with 2050 targets ranging from 5 to 15 GtCO2e/year (10-30% of 2022 global emissions).The IPCC defines CDR as a human-driven process that removes CO2 from the atmosphere and stores it securely in various reservoirs or products. We recognise that diversifying the portfolio of carbon removal (CDR) methods offers numerous advantages for companies and the climate. It allows companies to maximize both short and long-term climate benefits. Biochar has a core position in any portfolio to ensure the quality and integrity of CDR investments. CarbonThink invites companies to do due diligence assessments based on core quality criteria. We understand this approach minimizes risks such as reputational damage, financial instability, operational disruptions, and political uncertainties. 


Lowering the cost barrier allows individuals to join our franchise network


Biochar is king of carbon capture with scientifically proven impact that can be monitored and measured... 


No greenwashing. Nature captures the carbon, we convert to solid carbon and lock it away for up to 1,000 years...


Our net zero solutions deliver maximum return per CDR certificate issued. A compelling case for corporate engaement and investment...


From source to solution we provide detailed daily evidential snapshots of the full carbon capture journey...

Key Points

Moisture, temp

Biochar Porosity

Create a funding funnel that enables the local community based projects to do what they do best - make outstanding biochar every day. Working with the worlds leading corporations CarbonThink create tailored solutions that we can integrate into net zero strategies that bring brand benefit and real impact - without costing the earth.  

biochar porosity.jpg

The Magic Potion

We're at the begining of the biochar carbon market journey. From kiln design to product innovation there is real potential. CarbonThink is bringing together organisations from all over the planet to focus this R&D potential and to find efficiencies, alternatives and new solutions that remove and reduce carbon. 

Action, Action, Action

Expand! It is acknowledged that we need action now and focused on carbon removals. In Thailand alone there are millions of tons of waste agriculture biomass available. This represents a stunning opportunity to both lock away carbon for thousands of years and establish new products the reduce oil dependency. 

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