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Carbon net zero strategies that don't cost the earth

Carbon captures moment has come. Our mission is to help make it happen at scale and speed with unrivalled value, transparency and impact. Using a rigorously science-backed biochar based carbon removal solution, we've hundreds of Thai farmers currently removing 5,000 tons of carbon this year and up to 100,000 next year. It's not what we do, it's how we do it! Become a CarbonThinker...Join us!

Control from farm to boardroom, CT manage and ensure integrity and at all stage sof the CDR generation


Sometimes simple is just simply best. This unpretentious carbon capture machine grabs around 600kg of carbon every time it is used. We're dotting them all over Thailand. Small steps make giant strides! 


Our network of micro biochar production sites using low cost, low tech solution brings maximum return per carbon ton removed...


Biochar is king of carbon capture with scientifically proven impact that can be monitored and measured... 


No greenwashing. Nature captures the carbon, we convert to solid carbon and lock it away for up to 1,000 years...


Our net zero solutions deliver maximum return per CDR certificate issued. A compelling case for corporate engaement and investment...


From source to solution we provide detailed daily evidential snapshots of the full carbon capture journey...

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Our Business Model

Our belief is let's do something now, and let's do a lot of it. We're building a network of CarbonThinking farmers: our focus is human engagement through personal gain. It's a carbon capture business model based on a highly scalable local franchised network. Using decentralised low cost, low tech production methods and our decentralised web3 blockchain supported dMRV, they take locally sourced waste biomass and capture carbon via biochar. This is then distributed locally so farmers get substantial benefits and we create a solid biochar based local economy. This brings unrivalled value, unrivalled transparency and unrivalled impact. 

How we do it

The Product

𝐁𝐢𝐨𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐛𝐨𝐧 𝐑𝐞𝐦𝐨𝐯𝐚𝐥 (𝐁𝐂𝐑) is a process for durable carbon removal. Biochar is at the forefront of the carbon removal market; it is furthest along the Technology Readiness Level (TRL)[1] of all carbon removal methods and is proven to currently be the planet's leading carbon capture solution. Every ton of biochar has approximately 2 tons of carbon. CarbonThink rigorously controls production to ensure maximum permanence and quality. BCR’s potential clearly lies in its multiple benefits and in the fact that it is a ready-to-scale CDR technology.


The Technology

We use the proven low tech Kontiki Kilns. This gives maximum ROI against proven impact for biochar production though pyrolosis. The key difference between combustion and pyrolysis is that the combustion occurs in the presence of oxygen whereas the pyrolysis occurs in the absence (or near absence) of oxygen [1]. This means that there are minimal emissions, as shown here. Burning creates ash, pyrolosis creates biochar. It is a skilled process, hence the artisan training. We work to international standards and every cook is monitored using our certified hardware and software reporting platform. We retain samples which are stored for 5 years for each cook. 


Integrity & Trust

CarbonThink uses a leading edge dMRV platform allied with partnerships with the world's leading biochar authorities. Working with Carbon Standards International, CERES and International Biochar Initiative and Planboo, we ensure that our methodologies are industry leading and fully verifiable. Our corporate partners can trace and share the carbon capture journey at all stages.  


Efficiency & Value

Our franchise structure brings operational control and standards. CarbonThink's direct trash to treasure solution brings maximum ROI value with waste product utilisation. Using the millions of tons of waste agricultural biomass produced every year CarbonThink produces biochar. Ally this with our hyper efficient local collection network, community micro hubs and ultra low overhead and we have a lean value driven solution for our clients.

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Reductions NOW!

Within the CDR market research shows that 4,786,859 tons of CDR has been purchased but just 2.5% of purchases have been delivered. We're ready to deliver NOW! Our CarbonThinkers are ready and primed and within weeks of joining and making your CDR purchases we will be locking away carbon....for 1000's of years.


The 4 C's

Because of the year round availability of waste biomass the global south can be the engine room of biochar led climate change. But what works in Texas doesn't always translate to Thailand. CarbonThink methodologies integrate the four essential considerations - Country, Climate, Culture and Crop. Biochar is nature's solution, worked by man, and seasonal factors such as local farming practices and unique crop needs are embraced for maximum impact.

A Carbon Economy

The double whammy power of biochar is immense. Not only has it the potential to sequester carbon, it can lead to a new biochar based carbon economy. Agriculture, construction, and road building are just three of the many sectors that will see a huge carbon reduction impact through the use of biochar. 



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We move from slash and burn to slash and char, paying farmers for waste and removing the major cause of air pollution in Asia. We can eradicate the smog for good.

Water Flowing Out Pipe


Biochar is a fundamental tool in the strategy to bring efficient and plentiful water supplies to farmers. As water security becomes an issue, biochar helps.  

Black Soil


Soil desertification is a major concern for more countries as soils lose their integrity. Biochar as a soil additive helps fix the problem and rebuild soils and yields. 



Driving revenue and rewards down the supply chain, bringing real returns and income to producers, transforms families and communities. Increased prosperity makes a difference.


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