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Offset integrity

Our farmers use a unique Carbon Think seed to sale solution based on simple blockchain technology that means carbon captured is analysed, measured and then locked away for good in products. No more green washing!


This refers to the idea that the offset project should be reducing emissions beyond what would have happened anyway (known as the "business-as-usual" scenario). Hemp offsets excel in this criteria.


All THAI-COM offset projects are fully checked and are independently verified to ensure that it is actually reducing carbon emissions as claimed in a quantifiable way.


By 'locking away' the carbon in products we ensure the emissions reductions from the offset project are permanent, so you can be sure that the benefits will last over time.


Carbon Think are transparent about how we are calculating emissions reductions, and we are accountable for ensuring that the emissions reductions are real.


diagram to show the blockchain process for carbon offset transparancy and auditing
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