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A People First Approach

We're reimagining the carbon removal model to efficiently channel resources for impactful sustainability and high ROI. Our business model is built on a people first approach, supported by leading edge tech and R&D. By collaborating, we aim to achieve large-scale, ongoing carbon removals and drive reductions via innovative products. 

People Focused

Climate change is a human problem and connecting people across the globe is our mission. Create a funding funnel that enables local communities  to build village based projects to do what they do best - make outstanding biochar every day. Working with the world's leading corporations CarbonThink creates tailored solutions that we can integrate into net zero strategies that bring brand benefit and real impact - without costing the earth.  

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All Hands In


 Biochar has been around for thousands of years but most people have never heard of it. So whilst the evidence for the use and benefits are overwhelming, with increased yields, profits, water reductions, etc, there is a significant education and engagement challenge we're overcoming through community reach and engagement. Getting face to face and shaking hands with all villagers enables CarbonThink to deal with concerns and start the biochar based economy. Farmers are conservative, so together we build trust and understanding that allows the integration of biochar into their farming strategies and life.


Innovative Business Model

Our national franchised network of local biochar production facilities, fully trained, tightly controlled, and regularly monitored to meet the highest production standards delivers without huge corporate overheads.  We're building a market with consistent supply based on known biochar quantity and quality.

CDR is Essential

 The science is irrefutable – drastic and urgent greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reductions are needed to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Experts estimate a need for 200-1,000 GtCO2e of CDR throughout the century, with 2050 targets ranging from 5 to 15 GtCO2e/year (10-30% of 2022 global emissions).The IPCC defines CDR as a human-driven process that removes CO2 from the atmosphere and stores it securely in various reservoirs or products. We recognise that diversifying the portfolio of carbon removal (CDR) methods offers numerous advantages for companies and the climate. It allows companies to maximize both short and long-term climate benefits. Biochar has a core position in any portfolio to ensure the quality and integrity of CDR investments. CarbonThink invites companies to do due diligence assessments based on core quality criteria. We understand this approach minimizes risks such as reputational damage, financial instability, operational disruptions, and political uncertainties. 

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The CarbonThink model brings a full end to end solution, from farm to boardroom. We control, manage and audit the whole supply chain to ensure transparency, We track and measure every ton of carbon captured and removed from the atmosphere. Our dMRV solution is fully approved by CSI (Carbon Standards International), the world's leading decentralised biochar certification organisation. From source to supply every batch, every cook, every sale is tracked.


Evoke Change

We're at the beginning of the biochar carbon market journey. From kiln design to product innovation there is real potential. CarbonThink is bringing together organisations from all over the planet to focus this R&D potential and to find efficiencies, alternatives and new solutions that remove and reduce carbon. 

Action, Action, Action

Expand! It is acknowledged that we need action now and focused on carbon removals. In Thailand alone there are millions of tons of waste agricultural biomass available. This represents a stunning opportunity to both lock away carbon for thousands of years and establish new products that reduce oil dependency. 

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