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CO2 Removals

It is becoming increasingly evident that merely cutting emissions won't be enough. The imperative to extract substantial amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere is becoming more pronounced. Consequently, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) advises companies to initiate investments in Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) alongside their efforts to reduce emissions within their value chains as they transition towards achieving net-zero emissions.




Companies can achieve their climate objectives and optimise the near and long-term global climate advantages by cultivating a diversified portfolio that incorporates both established, scalable land-based approaches and emerging technological methods. Biochar offers unique CDR potential but should be integrated carefully so we learn about your net zero ambitions and how CarbonThink can create a long term tailored solution that we can deliver with confidence and value.



Pilot project

Most corporations are unfamiliar with biochar, so as we're pioneering a new world, we want prospective partners to visit and fully understand our operations. See the journey from farm to farm, the community impact, and the extensive science back process we use to ensure integrity. Then we create a joint pilot project to test mutual benefits and experiences to make it more efficient and impactful for all aspects of your business, from brand to bottom line.


Due Diligence

Thorough due diligence plays a pivotal role in ensuring that selected Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) projects align with high-quality carbon removal. We understand that and we will work closely with our partners to cover all concerns and ensure that you understand the level of independent verification offered by our crediting program. We invite any investigation necessary. For further insights and illustrative examples, please refer to section 5. The NCS Alliance's "A Buyer's Guide to Natural Climate Solutions Carbon Credits" which provides comprehensive guidance on the steps companies can take to formulate their own due diligence strategies.



Review & Expand

Within a six month period we have got the measure of things and then we simply plug in new CarbonThink projects that are coming online so that your organisation can grow rapidly but securely. We try to find synergies between projects and clients so that there are other co-benefits.

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