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Food for SoilTFL1 for Sustainable Agriculture

Foundational Soil Ammendment
Reduce costs

TFL1 is an essential Foundational Soil Ammendment that supports whole soil health. TFL1 is designed to work with multiple soil supplements by covering nutritional gaps with a comprehensive blend of microbes and nutrients. It is the foundation that helps meet farmers soil health needs.
Simply put, it’s a way for farmers to invest in their farms prosperity now and in the long run.


TFL1 offers new strategies and potential for people and planet



TFL1 is part of a village based micro production circular economy



Working with leading R&D channels we're rapidly developing potential


TFL1 offers new strategies and potential for people and planet



TFL1 is part of a village based micro production circular economy



Working with leading R&D channels we're rapidly developing potential

How it works
Increase yields
How it Works
A Holisitic Approach

TFL1 is a biochar-based fertilizer infused with microbes and nutrients that offers biochar, soil microbes, and balanced crop nutrients. It is a "perfect all-rounder" with an NPK of 5-5-5, suitable for all types of agriculture. Much research and scientific articles support the use of biochar-based fertilizers, indicating that they enhance fertilizer efficiency, promote plant growth, and improve soil health by regulating soil carbon and nitrogen balance.

Reduce Costs

Biochar's distinctive properties offer a foundation for effectively loading nutrients to enhance fertilizer efficiency. Traditional chemical fertilizers face issues such as rapid nutrient leaching, environmental pollution, and economic burdens. Despite challenges in developing biochar-based Slow-Release Fertilizers (SRFs) for practical use, existing knowledge indicates that their application is a promising approach for advancing sustainable agriculture.

Reduce Costs
Increase Yields

Several studies provide evidence that biochar-based fertilizers can generate increased yields. A meta-analysis found that biochar-based fertilizers led to a significant increase in crop yield, suggesting that biochar enhances fertilizer use efficiency to a larger extent than conventional methods. Furthermore, the application of biochar-based fertilizers has been demonstrated to be more effective in improving soil properties and crop yields compared to the exclusive application of pure biochar or traditional fertilizers.

Increase Yields
Black Soil

Biochar-based fertilizers offer several benefits in agriculture:

  • Enhanced Soil Fertility

  • Improved Water Retention

  • Carbon Sequestration

  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Increased Microbial Activity

  • Mitigation of Soil Contaminants

  • Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture

  • Adaptation to Climate Change

  • Increased Crop Yield

  • Long-Term Soil Improvement


Globlocalisation, a fusion of "global" and "localisation," signifies the synergy between global and local dynamics. It underscores the importance of balancing global interconnectedness with local responsiveness, promoting sustainability, cultural diversity, and shared prosperity. This concept advocates for adapting global innovations to meet local needs, recognizing the unique contributions of different regions in the global context.

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Follow the Science

Biochar-based fertilizer operates on the science of biochar, a carbon-rich material derived from organic matter through pyrolysis. Acting as a stable carbon sink, biochar enhances soil fertility and structure, while its porous composition supports beneficial microorganisms. With high nutrient retention capabilities, biochar gradually releases nutrients to plants, reducing leaching and promoting sustainable crop growth. Its water retention properties improve soil resilience to drought, and its carbon sequestration contributes to climate change mitigation, making biochar a versatile solution for sustainable agriculture.

Follow science
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